Lifelong Love of Music

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joyce Sampson has been playing music since childhood.  Her original music is a blend of roots-oriented American music including blues, country, rock, and funk.  She is currently working on her first album, “Rednecks and Longhairs,” a fusion of, and tribute to, the music Joyce grew up listening to.

A child of West Virginia natives who found work in the Ohio steel industry, Joyce's earliest musical influence was her dad, Delmer "Duke" Sampson, an outstanding self-taught multi-instrumentalist country and western musician who played guitar and sang on West Virginia radio in the 1950s and 1960s.   Joyce’s musical journey began at the age of 4 when she started playing guitar.  Switching to piano at 6, she studied classical piano for 11 years, and played saxophone and xylophone in high school.  While serving in the United States Air Force, she began playing guitar again and afterwards formed a two-guitar blues-rock band, but switched to bass after failing to find a solid bass player.  That’s where her real musical heart is and from here, her live performance career took off. 


As musicians go, Joyce is that rare species of bass player who can sing lead vocals over bass lines that are often counter to  the melody lines.  Her recording and performance career include writing, playing bass, and backing vocals in numerous original bands, one of which received notice in Billboard Magazine, and another which was covered in  Grits, a now-defunct magazine covering original southern rock bands.  One of the most exciting and rewarding live performance experiences were when she was part of a band that worked for the Armed Forces Entertainment Group.  In that band, she played all over the world for members of the US military and allied forces.  She has also had the fortune and honor to play with some of her rock n roll heroes, including Steven Tyler, Barry Goudreau (one of the original guitar players for Boston), and Paul Riddle (original drummer for the Marshall Tucker Band).  

Joyce plans to finish her album by the spring of 2020, and she is already working on songs for her second album in which she aims to continue exploring her musical influences.   Her aim is to place her songs in movies, sell songs to other artists.  Of course, she’s also keen to perform her music at events and festivals and gather new fans, so stay tuned and sign up for her email list!